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Why Comfort Zone Constrains

What causes one to move from a place to another is when one starts feeling uncomfortable with the place. When you are comfortable your present situations then you don’t think much of moving to another level.

There levels in life, one cannot be comfortable at any level until you have fulfilled that level. These levels are man growth process, man grows not only the biological growth were cells split and multiply, the growth we are talking about is Mental Growth.

The problem is not fulfilling a particular growth level but the willingness to leave that level into a new level. Once you fulfill a growth level, you will find out that you become comfortable with that level, you don’t want to leave that stage to another.

At that period you are said to be in your Comfort Zone. The zone of your accomplishment, Myles Munroe said “The Greatest Enemy of your Progress is your past success” Being your comfort zone keeps you hostage at that level, by not letting you see the possibilities beyond that level.

Comfort Zone includes the following;

  • Over dependent on your parents
  • Fear of failure to try something new
  • Fear to leave alone
  • Fear of failure to start a business
  • Fear of mistake while talking in the public
  • Fear to get involve in societal activities
  • Mediocrity

Comfort Zone varies depending on the individual involved, me for further explanation.

Avoid Comfort Zone by challenging your fear

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