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Business Development

Benefits of having a website/blog

1. Global exposure. Having a website will bring your business to the global audience. This means a website will place your company on the Internet where billions of users online can access.

2. Easy access. Anyone who has an Internet connection can access your organization right at their fingertips. You may also have the option to restrict your website to certain users for security purposes.Read More »Benefits of having a website/blog

Enough capital is not enough to start a successful business

The truth is that you can actually start a successful business without a capital. The thought of lack of capital has aborted many great business ideas. But when you know what it takes to start a business, you will never ever be stopped by anything else at all once you’ve decided to take off.

Someone that lacks the accurate information that is required the business he or she is venturing into will still not succeed not matter the amount of funding available to him or her.Read More »Enough capital is not enough to start a successful business