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SME Guide

About Us

SME Guide provides a dynamic online platform to promote entrepreneurship, business growth, and personal development across Africa, with a focus on Nigeria. Founded by Aham Onyemachi and a team of professionals, SME Guide aims to accelerate business success, wealth creation, and employment opportunities for Africans, especially Nigerians.

The SME Guide website offers a wealth of resources to foster entrepreneurship and development. These include services in business planning, financial projections, copywriting, advisory services, and connecting startups with investment. By leveraging SME Guide’s expertise and tools, entrepreneurs can turn their vision into thriving, sustainable companies.

With a primary goal of advancing entrepreneurship, SME Guide empowers founders to drive innovation, job creation, and prosperity in Africa. In Nigeria’s rapidly evolving business landscape, this support is critical for harnessing the nation’s immense economic potential. By providing localised guidance and global best practices, SME Guide helps Nigerian entrepreneurs overcome challenges and achieve new heights.