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Welcome to YourHealthPlus

We ensure you live a healthy and fulfilled life!

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Welcome to yourhealthplus!

At yourhealthplus we are interested in understanding and managing the root cause of your condition and to do so we must fully understand you as an individual and all angle of your life. This will allow us to generate a health promotion protocol based specifically for you as an individual.

Health Consultation

At yourhealthplus, we offer our clients an integrative health care, and this simply means that we focus on the whole person, addressing your health concerns from a physical, emotional, and if/when applicable, your spiritual perspective. We aim to go beyond relieving symptoms,

Online Consultation

Our health consultations led by Petra our Consultant Medical Herbalist, is made accessible to people from far and near with online consultations now available. If you would like to book in to speak with Petra via phone or video conference please get in touch

What to Expect

Initial consultations last for around 60 minutes and involve a detailed assessment of:

  • Your current health problems
  • Your symptoms and how you experience them
  • Your past medical history
  • Your life, work and family situation and,

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