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Your vision gives you the direction to lead


I will describe this statement to be a man, vision is the eyes and leadership to be the body.

If you have seen a blind man, you will know that why he tends to remain in a place is not because he likes the place but because he requires his sight to know where he is. But when it comes to leadership, a Leader needs sight to know where he is (level) and a vision for him to know where to go (direction).


“A leader is someone who knows the way, who goes the way and who shows the way.”

“Vision is the ability of a leader to know and see ahead of his followers.”

Without seeing beyond what your followers are seeing you can’t go far in leadership, when you have a vision as a leader, you will always know what suggestion and decision to take.

A leader with a vision is not swayed in leadership, he can always checkmate his progress, through his vision. Without a Leader’s vision he won’t know what to achieve and when to achieve it.

Vision does not only give direction, it also gives speed to a leader, when you know the number of tasks you have ahead, you can easily allocate and manage your time.

“Vision is the wristwatch of leadership” Nwokem Confidence. As a leader get your own wristwatch (vision).

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