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Your attitude gives you the title a leader not your position

‘The greatest among you must be a servant’.
What do servants do?

I know you are screaming serve! Yes serve, servants serve, they render services to their masters.

The attitude of service is what makes you a leader, when you think of being a leader, stop seeing someone driving expensive car with entourage and security.

Have in mind servants don’t have entourage but masters do, being a leader is being a servant, so let your imagination show you someone who is walking and working with people.

Servants don’t own their life, their master do. Bear this in mind, you are either a servant or a master. Being a servant makes you a leader, don’t have a choice of whom to serve and whom not to.

You serve all because, you own not your life as a leader, rather people you lead own it. Your service attitude defines you as a leader.

Servants don’t expect any favour in return of the service they render. When you set your mind on a reward before rendering a service as a leader, you have lost it.

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