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Why people fail

Failure is among the greatest fear of every human, but looking into the society today you will discover that people subscribe more to failure than success, though unconsciously.

Failure is a mindset, failure is your inability to utilize an Opportunity due to mental handicap. Remember information carries opportunities.

What information are you exposing yourself to? If you know the answer to this question, you can then tell, if you have a positive or negative mindset. Information you received have an impact in your mind, it can be positive or negative.

I have found out that, what causes the inability to utilize opportunities in information is negativity mindset. Most times you feed your brain with the unsuccessful phrase, words, and terms such as, ‘it won’t work, my country is difficult, it’s always a scam, it’s just stress forget it’.

How can you be productive with information, when you have fed your brain with all these negative thoughts? This is just like the computer garbage in, garbage out, any new information you meet your brain will give you back those negative thoughts.

Staying away from negative information or restructuring the information to be positive can help you change and build a positive thought pattern. Which in turn will make you successful in utilizing the opportunities packed inside every information that cross your path.

My Advice: ‘We are product of the choice we make, not the circumstances that we face’ Roger Crawford. Go for seminars and conferences where you will be shaped to become productive………….Make the right choice.

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