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Walking in Love Will Enhance Your Personal Effectiveness

I’ve always believed that we determine the direction of our lives and that we are the results of our preparations in the past. What I mean here is that each and every one of us is responsible for how his or her life will turn out in the future; no matter what that person is doing or not doing now. That you are not doing anything now to succeed tomorrow means you are doing everything not to succeed tomorrow.

For you to get the kind of result you want in life, there are commitments you have discipline yourself to make for your results to be achievable; especially, when you want an ‘A’ result. In all those commitments, there is a key factor that can not be done without – relationship with others. In the market place of life, your relationship with others will determine how far you can go.

Relationships here is the sum total interactions you share with people you meet on daily bases. As human beings are different so is their character. And, no one can successfully please all. So, for you to peacefully sail in life; you have to operate at a higher dimension of life than most of the people do. Walking in love is operating at a higher dimension of life.

Walking in love is more than telling selected few, you love them. It’s more of action oriented than mere expression or feeling. It is your consciously treating people well whether you’re being treated right or not by those people. That is your always doing the right thing whether you’re receiving the right things or not. This kind of disposition makes you see things differently and separate you from the masses.

When you are walking in love, virtually everyone will find you irresistible and would always want to associate with you. Thus, your level of confidence will be on the high side; and when your level of confidence is high, you will be more efficient and productive in all you do. It will be a good team player and also able to easily get things done through others. You will have peace of mind as well as resistant to disease and sicknesses.

The major challenge that may not allow you to fully walk in love is egoism. But, when you understand that your happiness is directly proportional to how you’re able to make others happy; you will discipline yourself to walk in love. Learn walk in love and you will discover a new world of excellence.

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