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UK Organisations Partner to Empower African Youth with digital skills

In a bid to bridge the digital divide in Nigeria and Africa, several organisations have joined forces to equip young people with essential digital skills, addressing pressing national issues.

The one-week training and development programme, themed “A World of Unlimited Possibilities”, took place at the Redemption City of God in Mowe, Ogun State, Nigeria.

According to the organisers, the Incubator Team, the event attracted a diverse group of young attendees from Nigeria, Africa, Europe, and beyond.

At the closing ceremony, the National Secretary of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Professor Funsho Odesola, highlighted the urgent need for Nigeria’s education authorities to develop a digital curriculum aligned with the current industrial revolution, closing the knowledge gap.

“I’ve said in many forums that the present education system doesn’t connect with the reality of the future. The future is in the digital age. Every six months, new advancements emerge, rendering previous knowledge obsolete. Our curriculums fail to connect with reality and progress, and they don’t address today’s problems,” Odesola stated.

“We have taken it upon ourselves to equip young people for the future, not just within the church but across Nigeria and Africa. This initiative is the largest of its kind in Africa, aiming to inspire youth to think outside the box and remain relevant in the future. In today’s age, professions have no future without digital skills.”

Odesola revealed that the youth were being trained to solve national problems and become employers, urging the government to promote digital skills among young, enterprising Nigerians.

The CEO of Africa Missions Global, Eyono Fatai-Williams, praised the digital training initiative, saying, “This initiative will be extremely impactful for the youth, reaching a large number of young people with digital skills. We believe we can reach at least a million youth annually. With digital knowledge, they can excel in any sector.”

“We are partnering with the Incubator Nigeria team to scale up the number of young people reached every year. Digital transformation opens unlimited possibilities,” Fatai-Williams added.

A member of the Incubator Team, ‘Leke Adeboye, emphasised that the digital skills training was designed to assist and develop the average Nigerian youth, positioning them for a future in a digitally-driven world.

The organisations involved in this initiative aim to bridge the digital skills gap, empower young Africans, and prepare them for the digital age, promoting entrepreneurship and solving national problems through technology.

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