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UBA Empowers Female Entrepreneurs at Business Series Event

Lagos, Nigeria – The United Bank for Africa (UBA) recently hosted a Women’s Day edition of their Business Series, aimed at empowering female entrepreneurs and fostering business growth.

The event featured a panel discussion with prominent industry leaders, including Chioma Ikokwu, Co-founder and CEO of Good Hair Ltd., Onyeka Michael-Ugwu, Founder of Hello Perfect, Atilola Moronfolu, Founder of African Naturalistas, and Oshuwa Tunde-Imoyo, Founder/CEO of NOUA Skin.

Building Sustainable Businesses

The panelists emphasized the importance of investing in oneself and building strong business structures for long-term success. Chioma Ikokwu highlighted the need for clarity and intentionality, urging entrepreneurs to identify a problem they solve and separate their personal lives from their businesses.

Collaboration and Team Building

Onyeka Michael-Ugwu stressed the value of strategic partnerships and collaboration, advising attendees to surround themselves with talented individuals who can contribute to the company’s growth.

Financial Management and Education

Financial literacy was another key theme. Atilola Moronfolu underscored the importance of establishing a proper business structure, including a standard operating procedure and separate financial accounts for personal and business use. Oshuwa Tunde-Imoyo further emphasized the importance of continuous learning to make informed business decisions.

UBA’s Commitment to Female Entrepreneurship

Alero Ladipo, UBA’s Group Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, reiterated the bank’s commitment to supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), particularly those led by women. UBA offers educational resources and practical tips to help female entrepreneurs build thriving businesses that can make a global impact.

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