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TotalEnergies Celebrates 100 Years with Commitment to a Sustainable Future

The French multinational energy company TotalEnergies marks its 100th anniversary with a renewed focus on adapting and innovating for a sustainable energy future. Founded in 1924 as Compagnie Française des Pétroles in a nation lacking domestic oil reserves, the company emphasises its history of international expansion and technical expertise.

“To secure France’s energy supply, our company ventured across the globe, constantly adapting and growing throughout the 20th century’s technological and geopolitical shifts,” TotalEnergies stated in a press release.

The company highlights its ability to transcend limitations by pushing “both technical and geographical boundaries” while evolving to meet changing needs. TotalEnergies acknowledges the crucial role oil played in the 20th century but recognises natural gas and decarbonised power as the cornerstones of the future energy landscape.

Natural gas is positioned as a key element in the energy transition, providing stability for the integration of intermittent renewable sources and a cleaner alternative to coal-fired power generation with significantly lower CO2 emissions.

“TotalEnergies is currently the world’s third-largest player in liquefied natural gas,” the release states. “In electricity, we are a leading developer of solar and wind power. Electricity is the core of decarbonisation, and the 21st century will undoubtedly be electric.”

Looking ahead, TotalEnergies expresses its ambition to be a leader in the energy transition, supporting both its own transformation and that of its customers.

“Our challenge is to deliver affordable energy that fuels global development while reducing emissions,” the company states. “This aligns with the principles of a just, orderly, and equitable transition as envisioned by COP28.”

TotalEnergies concludes by reaffirming its commitment to adaptation and innovation, drawing on its pioneering spirit to remain a key player in the energy sector for the next century.


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