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There is no good excuse for anyone to fail in Nigeria

Everything about Nigeria for now is not encouraging at all. The kind of leaders we have in public offices, the kind of decisions they make and the way Nigerians accept both is not encouraging either.

But the truth is that in the midst of all these things that people do not like in Nigeria, are still those elements that are responsible in creating great opportunities for success in every area. And that’s why great businessmen and businesses still want to come to Nigeria. For instance, we have great population  that are really living – eating, talking, loving, etc; we have 24 hours in a day and above all when you solve problems you still get rewards.

When I talk about failing here, I’m talking about failing to live a normal life; like not being able to take care of your family very well, or even take care of yourself. Personally, I do not think that anyone in Nigeria should still depend on the government because no government has really cared for the citizens before and thinking the government will change now, may just be a distraction.

My advice is for every Nigeria to think seriously what he or she can do to earn a decent living. Once he or she has found what to do, he or she should draw a plan whether formal or informal of what it will take to start and he or she should go ahead and start.

There shouldn’t be reason that capital stopped you from starting. No. If for example, you think you can be selling popcorn in a nearby joint every evening and you need N50, 000.00 to start small and you do not have even N1.00; that shouldn’t be a problem. All you have to do is to think about menial jobs you have to do to raise the money on a specific time. Let assume daily jobs where you stay is N3, 000.00 per day, let’s say you will use N1, 000.00 and save N2, 000.00 for the project; It will take you 25 days to raise the amount you need to start your project. It is as simple as that. This can be applied anyhow and I do advise that you have to crucify that pride or the certificate that has been preventing you from thinking well.

I want us to think about this as well as help others to think in this direction. Thanks for your time.

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