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The Nigerian government prioritises affordable housing for low-income earners

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Ahmed Dangiwa, has announced plans to develop cost-effective housing designs and promote the construction of quality, affordable homes for 80% of Nigeria’s low- and medium-income earners.

Speaking recently, when he met with the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Dangiwa said providing affordable housing is a central pillar of his tenure. “It is crucial we address the housing needs of the 80% of Nigeria’s population who are low- or middle-income,” he said.

An affordable housing design committee was created in Dangiwa’s first week to develop efficient designs that meet the income profiles of most Nigerians. “We want the most efficient, workable, and sustainable, affordable designs to deliver on our mandate,” the minister explained.

Affordable housing supports economic growth.

Experts agree that increasing affordable housing availability positively impacts national economies. Home ownership allows low-income families to build equity and wealth. Construction also creates jobs and stimulates industry.

For Nigeria, affordable housing can help develop the economy by reducing unemployment and stimulating building activity. It also makes home ownership possible for more citizens.

With strategic policies and public-private partnerships, Nigeria can boost its affordable housing stock and support broader economic goals. The government’s focus on efficient, affordable designs is an important first step.


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