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The Nigerian government plans to buy one million CNG vehicles to cut costs and emissions

The Nigerian government has unveiled an ambitious plan to introduce one million compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered vehicles by 2027. This major transition aims to address rising transportation costs and promote cleaner energy amidst the country’s removal of petrol subsidies.

According to Toyin Subaru, Special Assistant to the President, the initiative starts this week with the deployment of 11,500 CNG-powered buses. The government hopes to significantly lower CNG prices to N230 per kg, making it an affordable and eco-friendly option for citizens.

The massive integration of CNG-powered mass transit is expected to help Nigerians save up to two-thirds on transportation expenses. Additionally, the move promotes domestic CNG as a sustainable alternative to petrol-based vehicles, reducing reliance on imports.

Subaru emphasised the environmental benefits of CNG, saying, “With this CNG plan, we can operate our vehicles with gas available right here in Nigeria rather than imported petrol.”

The government plans to assist gas stations across Nigeria with converting to CNG. An app is also in development to help motorists locate CNG refuelling stations.

The transition to CNG-powered vehicles stands to benefit Nigerians financially while progressing the country’s environmental initiatives. If successful, the plan could be a major milestone in Nigeria’s energy and transportation industry.

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