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The internet can destroy: But you can exploit the same internet and become more successful in life and in business.


Almost everyone around the world knows what the internet is. But for knowledge sake, internet can simply be defined as a global network of computers around the world for sharing of information and communication.

It is one of the best things in vogue and almost the solution to every problem man can solve. Anything man can think of can be found on the internet.

The challenge
With all the good things internet has brought to mankind, it destroys because of abuse and lack of wisdom. It has already destroyed so many lives, destinies, careers, businesses, etc. The internet will continue to destroy. But after reading this article you should not allow it to destroy you, your destiny, business or career. Many have tragically committed suicide while live streaming themselves on the internet. Many are addicted to pornography and cannot help themselves just because they are connected to the internet. And this pornography has ruined their career, business or something they valued so much. Many have joined bad gang, engaged in one form of illegality or the other because of the internet. Many have been addicted to the internet itself and you know what happens to those that are negatively addicted to something. The list is endless.

The truth
You can take advantage of the internet and become more success in life, business, career or in anything that you are desiring to be successful in.

How can I take advantage the internet and become more successful in life and in business?

  1. The first thing you need to understand is how to limit your internet usage. That your smart phones are connected to the internet doesn’t mean you should be on the internet all the time. If you’re already finding it difficult not to do without your smart phones, just know that you are already getting addicted. And you have to work on yourself to stop it. You should have times you are free from your devices. You can always respond to those mails, chats, messages, etc later.
  2. You should avoid distractions on the internet. Apart from your normal communications on the internet, you should avoid looking for other things that may distract you as you browse the internet. Pornography – nude pictures or videos should be a no go area for you if you really want to succeed in life and business. Just remember it’s foolishness for someone to hide somewhere and be gazing at someone else nude pictures. It can put you in a terrible state you wouldn’t like.
  3. You should be aware that everything you need to be successful in this life is on the internet. All you need is to take advantage of the internet if there is any information you require for any solution. Don’t start looking for information to pay for. No, just do a research on what you are looking for on the internet; you will be able to see something that can be of help. It may be domestic challenge of inability to cook a better food; this can be resolved on the internet with a little passion and determination for a positive change. It can also be a bigger challenge of not having a skill to start a business or get a job; this also can be resolved on the internet. I got most of the skills that I’m using to run my business on the internet free of charge.
  4. You should understand that the internet is a global village. First of all this understanding should help you mind what you do on the internet, because everyone is seeing you. I got one of my best business deals after a client took an online audit of what do on daily bases on the internet and decided to give me the job based on his findings.
  5. You should understand that the internet is a global market. This is very key for entrepreneurs that want to be successful in business. Always take advantage of the internet to promote what you sell. Use the internet to get partners, clients, employees, etc. Just apply wisdom and discover how this internet can accelerate your success.

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