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The ABC of Poultry Farming in Nigeria for Agripreneurs

Poultry farming is the process of raising domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese, etc for their eggs and meat. Raising of domesticated birds is common practice in Nigeria. But my interest in this article – the ABC of Poultry Farming in Nigeria for Agripreneurs is purely to emphasis the business side of poultry farming.

Poultry farming business is very easy to start and be successful running it once the basic knowledge of the business, the passion and commitment to succeed as an entrepreneur is there.

Below is the ABC of Poultry Farming in Nigeria for Agripreneurs

A. There is a large market for poultry farm products
Agripreneurs should be aware that the demand for poultry farm products is very high in Nigeria because of the population and the demand for eggs and meat as basic food for almost every family in the country.

B. It is easy to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria
Poultry farming is easy to start in Nigeria. These are the basic things required to start the poultry farming business in Nigeria.

1. You have to make a detailed research about poultry farming especially on the bird you want to concentrate on.

2. Draft your simple business plan for the poultry farming business.

3. Select the location for your poultry farm. Avoid setting up the farm very close to residential areas as poultry farms wastes have offensive odour except you will be ensuring that your farm is cleaned frequently to forestall sanitation challenge that arise. Also, consider transportation system and availability of medical facilities while selecting your farm location.

4. Construct good shelter for your birds

5. Purchase required equipment for your poultry farm. You have to purchase the required equipment for your poultry based on the size of your farm.

6. Employ the required number of staff to assist you based on your business plan.

7. Purchase your chicks based on the objective of your farm.

8. Start your poultry farm.

C. It is easy to grow a poultry farming business in Nigeria

Agripreneurs with focus and determination can easily grow their poultry farming business in Nigeria even if they started small. Once the poultry business plan is followed and the right things done regularly; like feeding the birds well, regulating the temperature of the farm, cleaning the farm, securing the birds, etc, the poultry farm business will naturally grow.

Nigeria has a great weather when it comes poultry farming and below are the necessary things that should be done by any Agripreneur that wants to successfully grow his or her poultry farming business.

1. Feed the birds very well. It is very important that the birds are well fed as it’s necessary for the birds’ growth, health and productivity.

2. Ensure that the hygiene level of your poultry farm is good.

3. Ensure the temperature of the farm is adequately regulated.

4. Provide good medication for the birds

5. Ensure you follow the marketing plan on your business plan as well as create additional market as you make progress.

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