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Sabiwork Launches Platform to Address Skilled Craftsman Shortage

In an effort to address the shortage of skilled craftsmen in the construction sector, Sabiwork, a talent acquisition start-up, has introduced a platform that streamlines the process of hiring experienced tradesmen.

According to a statement from the firm, its mission is to empower craftsmen and elevate the quality of construction services nationwide.

The company purportedly provides a comprehensive one-stop shop that connects skilled tradespeople with construction stakeholders seeking their expertise.

“Through a user-friendly interface, the platform streamlines the process of hiring experienced craftsmen, ensuring seamless communication and efficient project management,” the statement read.

“At Sabiwork, we recognise the critical role that skilled craftsmen play in driving the success of construction projects. Sabiwork offers a diverse range of services tailored to meet the specific requirements of construction projects of all scales and complexities, including welding, tiling, POP and suspended ceiling services, carpentry, window fabrication, door installation, automation services, furniture, and stamped flooring services.”

Sabiwork’s founder, Olatayo Ajiboye, stated that the service was designed to empower craftsmen by providing them with greater visibility and access to opportunities.

He added that the platform meets the evolving needs of construction stakeholders in the industry. “Whether it is a residential renovation, commercial construction, or infrastructure development, Sabiwork is poised to be the go-to destination for employers seeking top-tier artisanal talent.”

According to Olatayo, the platform is designed with the intention of alleviating the frustrations of Nigerians who have experienced the pain of spending large sums on projects without receiving corresponding value in terms of quality of work.

“Sabiwork has developed a pool of verified craftsman profiles, which guarantees the service’s commitment to quality assurance as well as a streamlined onboarding process that ensures a hassle-free experience from booking to project completion,” he explained.

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