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Restricting raw mineral exports is key to Nigeria’s economy, says the battery maker.

Nigeria must implement stricter regulations on exporting raw minerals if it wants to properly manage its resources for national development, argues Metal Manufacturing Nigeria Limited (MMNL). The leading battery maker said the uncontrolled export of unprocessed minerals denies Nigeria huge economic benefits.

MMNL CEO Amit Kumar Saraf commented that locally producing batteries with 95% Nigerian materials creates jobs, grows the economy, and conserves foreign reserves. However, the unchecked export of raw materials like lead ore and ingots used in batteries threatens progress. The federal government must restrict exporting these unprocessed minerals, Saraf urged.

MMNL recently won three awards at the ECOWAS Manufacturing and Energy Awards in Lagos. StarPlus, MMNL’s flagship Nigerian-made tubular battery brand, was named ECOWAS Inverter Battery Manufacturer of the Year, ECOWAS Inverter Battery Company of the Year, and ECOWAS Renewable Company of the Year.

Saraf said the awards recognise StarPlus as the only wholly designed and manufactured tubular battery in Nigeria. By making batteries locally using domestic materials, MMNL is creating jobs, supporting the economy, and proving Nigerian companies can compete globally in technology manufacturing.

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