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QR Codes: NITDA Warns of Increased Fraudulent Activity

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) issued a warning today regarding a rise in fraudulent activities utilising QR codes. NITDA highlighted the growing use of QR codes for malicious purposes, exploiting their convenience and ease of use.

Fraudulent actors are employing QR codes in various scams, including phishing attacks, payment fraud, and information theft. NITDA emphasises the importance of user vigilance, as the specific consequences depend on the scammer’s approach.

“Phishing scams can leverage QR codes to direct users to malicious applications or websites designed to steal personal information,” NITDA explained. “Alternatively, scammers may create QR codes that initiate unauthorised financial transactions or divert payments to their accounts.”

The advisory further warns of malware and data-stealing scripts potentially embedded within QR codes. By exploiting device vulnerabilities, these scripts can steal sensitive data like documents, financial information, and passwords.

NITDA urges users to exercise caution when encountering QR codes, particularly those from untrusted sources. Utilizing reputable QR code scanning applications with built-in security features is highly recommended. Additionally, maintaining up-to-date antivirus software and security patches on devices offers a crucial layer of protection against these evolving fraudulent tactics.

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