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Peter Obi Urges Nigerians Not to Despair, Says New Nigeria Still Possible at 63

Presidential candidate Peter Obi has sent a message of hope to Nigerians as the country marks its 63rd independence anniversary amid economic and security challenges.

In a statement on Saturday, the Labour Party flagbearer acknowledged the “grave uncertainties and apparent hardship” citizens face due to “persistent leadership failure.” However, he insisted the situation is “critical but not hopeless.”

Obi attributed Nigeria’s poor governance and poverty over the decades to successive administrations enacting policies that enable a few elites to remain in power at the detriment of the masses. He said the lack of elite consensus on restructuring and nation-building remains a core issue.

The former Anambra governor stated that Nigeria’s fate is determined by the quality of leadership it gets, drawing an analogy with technology: “garbage in, garbage out.” At 63, Nigerians must ask what questions they are posing to leaders and what answers they expect, he added.

While wishing citizens a happy independence day, Obi prayed for God’s mercy and grace upon Nigeria. He urged Nigerians not to lose hope but to remain resolute in taking back their country from state capture.

“Present realities notwithstanding, I am hopeful that a new Nigeria is possible,” he affirmed.

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