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Personal Development – The Best Investment

Majority of people around the world are only interested in making more money to cater for their various needs. They become employees, business owners, investors, sport persons, fraudsters, one thing or the other just to make money. Most will do anything as long as it will put money in their pockets. With all these money-making activities and transactions going on globally, the majority of people are still poor, miserable and depressed.

The more they seek for money, the more money tends to run away from them. This sort of lifestyle continues, till they die and are no more. Then all their efforts will be wasted. All they did was to invest their time, money, life and so on just to have as much money as they dreamt of. But after all the struggles, their dreams die down and they will conclude that maybe they were not destined to be successful.

If you’ve been among those investing their, time, life, money or whatever for money; stop! Investing for money doesn’t really guarantee a secured financial future. More often than not, more people have been disappointed about the way their investments turned out in the long run; some have even committed suicide following bad investments or business decisions in their quest to gather more money.

What is then, the best investment? The answer is simple. It is personal development! Personal development is ones conscious efforts to improve oneself at every particular point in time. It involves being relevant in every facet of ones life – social, economic, academic and spiritual well-being. It is your learning on a daily basis how to have a better relationship with those around you, improve your investments and career skills as well as have a better relationship with your God.

Personal development is simply empowering yourself to live a better and fulfilled life. The beauty of it is that it’s the cheapest of all the investments you can ever think of and yield more return than all them as well. In fact, it is the foundation of all other investments. Without it in a person’s life, the probability that all other investments by that person will fail will be very high. Once one has personally developed oneself, he or she cannot fail matter the circumstance.

And, personal investment among other things involves:

* Getting better skills that will help you improve your job.
* Getting better education in your area of specialization.
* Learning how to positively handle human beings around you.
* Learning how to handle issues that pertain to core values of life. Like, handling relationships, mastering self discipline, etc.
* Being mentored by those you are looking up to. Here involves reading their books and attending seminars.
* Learning entirely new skills that will be of greater help to you And, doing all you have learnt to do.


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