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People follow what you do (attitude) before what you want to do (vision)

Have you noticed that, there are some people when you look at them you just have this urge to call them arrogant people? Yes is their attitude that is behind that.

Before you talk about being a leader you should be leading. Examine yourself if these leadership qualities found in you? Resilient, Positive Mindset, Visionary, Patient, Love, Selfless Service etc.

People tend to be good attitude tropic, remember your biology, plants that are phototropic bends toward light, same goes to people, they bend towards good attitude.

Forget about that great vision you have, once your attitude is not speaking good about you. A great leader, is one that can lead himself (in control of his attitude). Attitude calls you a leader first or a follower.

Note: Skill and knowledge can take you there but only attitude and character will sustain you.

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