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Oke Arin MarketHub Founder Urges Government Support for Local Production, E-Commerce

Lagos-based startup Oke Arin MarketHub has launched a new app for easy bulk shopping, urging the Nigerian government to boost local production capacity to enhance e-commerce efficiency.

According to Oke Arin founder Olu Jacobs, increased domestic manufacturing would allow for more streamlined bulk procurement and inventory management, enabling startups like his to better serve customers.

“By eliminating complex traditional supply chains, our app grants direct access to a wide variety of affordably priced products in bulk,” Jacobs explained at the recent launch event. “This addresses critical needs for convenience and efficiency.”

Jacobs emphasised the vast potential of the bulk purchasing concept and e-commerce to transform Nigerian markets. “Foreign retailers already control 50% of Lagos commerce. We aim to revolutionise the chaotic open market system with tech innovation,” he stated.

Advantage Health Africa CEO Adebola Adebakin advised collaborating with young companies to nurture understanding and cooperation. “In our tech-driven world, Oke Arin stands out for its laser focus on simplifying bulk purchases,” she remarked.

Key participants urged modernising infrastructure and policies to unlock the power of startups to improve everyday life and business in Nigeria. Experts recommend focusing on local manufacturing and digital retail to boost economic growth.

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