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Nwokem Confidence Chinecherem

Nwokem Confidence Chinecherem is a Leadership and Digital Business Instructor.

He is passionate about helping young people live their purpose. He believes that everyone has a mission and his mission is to raise transformational youths with leaders’ mind-set.

Mr. Nwokem Confidence started up his career as a Local Organization Leader. Today he holds several leadership positions in national and international recognized organizations to mention but a few; Junior Chambers International (JCI), an organization whose sole aim is to provide development opportunity for young active citizens. He has held the position of Director of Training 2018/2019, and is still holding the position Director of Conference and Convention 2019/2020.

He Is also the President Of Ebenezer Youth, an organization whose sole Aim is making Christ Known. He is a Member of several networks that are into Youth Development and Empowerment such as; De Elites Network (DEN), The Billionaires Attitude (TBA) and Genius Genus International (GGI).

Mr. Nwokem Confidence believe that success is not all about making money rather Impacting Lives, so he runs a youth Impact Network where he moves from one Secondary School to another educating the teens on Leadership and Personal Development.