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Nigeria’s NADDC and Oando Clean Energy Partner for Public Transport Electrification

In a significant move towards sustainable transportation, the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) announced a collaborative effort with Oando Clean Energy to focus on vehicle electrification in Nigeria.

The partnership, unveiled through a statement on NADDC’s LinkedIn account, highlights a commitment to decarbonize the nation’s public transport system. A key element of this initiative will be the adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Ademola Ogumbanjo, Executive Vice President at Oando Clean Energy, emphasized the urgency of this transition. “Embracing renewable energy sources is crucial for strengthening energy security across Africa,” he stated. Ogumbanjo elaborated on Oando Clean Energy’s research and development efforts, culminating in a sustainable transport project design that tackles Nigeria’s energy challenges while fostering economic growth.

NADDC Director-General Joseph Osanipin welcomed the initiative, underscoring its potential to address environmental concerns and propel the African automotive industry forward. “Collaboration between NADDC, Oando Clean Energy, and other stakeholders is paramount to achieve widespread adoption of electric vehicle technology in Nigeria’s public transportation network,” Osanipin remarked. “This will ultimately lead to economic growth through a thriving automotive sector.”

The urgency for action is underscored by a recent World Bank report indicating a rise of approximately 1°C in Nigeria’s mean temperature since the pre-industrial era. This partnership between NADDC and Oando Clean Energy represents a critical step towards a more sustainable future for Nigerian transportation.

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