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Nigerian Youths should make early plans now as governments in Africa have not started making adequate plans for their citizens.

The basis of planning for anything is just to succeed at the end of the day. If you happen to find yourself in Africa, especially in Nigeria; start very early to make adequate plans for your dear life as well as that of those that will be depending on you, as African governments have not started making adequate plans for the welfare of their citizens.

Countries where their governments are responsible provide their citizens with at least the basic needs like quality education, basic health care, affordable housing, jobs, electricity, good roads, potable water, etc. But in Africa, those in governments take the citizens for granted. They appropriate the common wealth of their nations into their pockets, knowing too well that nothing will happen. Citizens die in abject poverty and governments do nothing that will actually ameliorate the situation. Graduates flood out of institutions of higher learning without hope of getting jobs and government do not care enough. What I think the governments care about are their allowances, emoluments and everything that has to do with their personal pockets.

The actual owners of the wealth in every nation are the citizens, and these citizens suffer in Africa while those entrusted with the management of the collective wealth of the people, squander the wealth in the altar of their selfishness.

The wise thing for each of the citizens in a nation like Nigeria is to start early to make plans for a great life which I believe can be achievable with persistent determination. This kind of determination comes with the wisdom to know what to do and go ahead to do it. For you to be able to succeed with your plan in Africa especially Nigeria, you must come to terms with these basic realities:

  1. That you are on your own. This is a fundamental knowledge you need to have so as to position yourself very well to be able to tackle the challenges ahead of you. You are on your own here means that you are responsible for providing education, basic health care, electricity, water, etc for yourself and your dependants. And, you have to know that these take a lot of resources, therefore you have to be prepared ahead of time.
  2. You have to know that the educational system in Africa may not help you achieve your plans for a good life. What you should do is to get a ‘Common Sense Education’ for yourself and teach your dependants about this type of education. You also need to get vocational education or a special skill and ensure you are very good at it.
  3. That you may not be able to get a white collar job. And for you to be able to survive, you need to have at least a steady source of income. And if you do not get a job; that means you have to create one for yourself to be able to survive.
  4. That there are businesses you may not need money to start up. This is for you to be encouraged and know that you can succeed no matter your status at any particular point in time. Many people are failing in life because they think they lack capital to start-up businesses. And when you ask them the capital they think they are lacking, they will say, money. I know money is very important to every business, but someone with the best capital – wisdom can start making money without money. And when the money start coming, will then expand and position the business very well.

With these basic realities in mind, everyone can succeed in Africa.

3 thoughts on “Nigerian Youths should make early plans now as governments in Africa have not started making adequate plans for their citizens.”

    1. You are welcome Precious. We want our people to be prepared by creating the kind of future they want.
      Thank you for making out time to read it.

  1. This blog about Nigerian Youths should make early plans now
    as governments in Africa have not started making adequate plans for
    their citizens.. has helped me enormously, is a
    very good topic.
    . Kiss you All!

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