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Nigerian top executive officers should start thinking of starting up companies

Most of Nigerian top executive officers in different companies should start thinking of starting up their own companies. They’ve already acquired wealth, fame, experience, etc; what is remaining is courage to resign and start-up their own companies.

When those executives are always looking for better opportunities in other organizations, they won’t have the time to think of owing businesses; and that will not help the Nigerian economy. But when they think in terms of owning businesses and make the necessary moves to set-up those businesses, Nigeria will be better off.

Can you imagine that one of the youngest employees of Google will leave juicy Google employment to launch her own company?

You can read it as posted in Entrepreneur by Hayden Field

How Google’s Youngest-Ever Hire Launched an AI Company Backed by Mark Cuban (Podcast)

The daughter of two entrepreneurs who immigrated to the U.S. during the Iranian Revolution, Falon Fatemi became known as Google’s youngest-ever hire at the age of 19.

After leaving Google, she founded her own AI Company, Node— and secured famed investor Mark Cuban as a backer. Node aims to use deep learning to analyze relationships between people and companies, then pinpoint how clients can leverage those relationships into sales, marketing and recruiting opportunities.

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