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Nigerian Ports Authority Partners with Apapa Lagos Government to Restore Sustainable Water Access

The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has collaborated with the Apapa Local Government Area (LGA) in Lagos State to rehabilitate the Apapa Mini-Water Works. This restores clean water access to residents, supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 for universal water availability.

Apapa LGA Chairman, Idowu Senbanjo, said insufficient drinking water burdened the council. However, work with the NPA has helped address this critical need. Before, rising typhoid cases had been traced to contaminated water as people struggled with non-functioning boreholes and reliance on expensive vendors.

The project found poor reticulation infrastructure, abandoned for nearly 15 years. But now repairs ensure households can access safe, reliable water at home. Senbanjo thanked the NPA as the primary funder for enabling the mini-water works to supply potable water again.

An NPA subsidiary sponsored the initiative, per the council’s resident committee. The committee’s head, Rear Admiral Austin Oyagha (retired), said they have fixed lines damaged during Liverpool Road reconstructions and replaced stolen sections. Enhanced security measures will protect water channels.

Lagos Water Corporation southwest regional head Oluwabi Ayodele urged residents to provide feedback on the project’s effectiveness and immediately report leaks. He advised households lacking connections to register for access.

Through teamwork to restore sustainable water service, the NPA, Apapa leaders, and committees fulfil a basic necessity that uplifts local health and quality of life. Their collaborative infrastructure rehabilitation efforts bring UN development goals within reach across Lagos.


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