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Nigeria will either sink or float after 2023 presidential elections

Nigeria is sinking gradually and that’s the truth. Some of notable Nigerians had long ago written about this. You can read their views – Nigeria’s Sinking Ship and the Way Forward, By Nuhu Ribadu, ‘The Ship of the Nigerian State, is Sinking’, Nigeria is a sinking ship navigated by pirates – Okogie, etc.

There is already an economic collapse, hyperinflation, devaluation, abject poverty, worrisome unproductive debt, lethal insecurity, total collapse of basic amenities, and hunger in the land. If the outcome of the 2023 presidential election does not bring hope, and this present situation continues; Nigeria may totally sink.

Hunger does not know tribe or religion. Thus, we should remove every sentiment and be objective in electing the President that will succeed the current President; if not, what may follow will definitely be a tragedy. And the high and mighty, may not be protected again if things go out of hand.

First of all, I will suggest that all our elder statesmen should no longer play politics with the lives of Nigerians. They should understand that they did put Nigeria into this mess and they have to help Nigeria come out of it by drumming support for a presidential candidate that will not be like those that put us into this precarious situation. If not what they were thinking during EndSARS may become a reality.

Secondly, the citizens of Nigeria should understand that we all are stakeholders in this country; and, that the good of the land belong to all of us collectively. We should understand that, it’s not normal for our roads to be death traps, for hospitals not be functioning well for the citizens, for our educational system to be in shambles, for insecurity to be the order of the day, for graduates to loiter about without jobs, for majority of the families to be unable to feed their families and the list goes on.

Thirdly, everyone should understand that we are not living well in Nigeria. And for us to begin to change this bad scheme of things, we totally need to elect leaders that do not think like the present crop of leaders. Leaders that understand what leadership is all about.

We all should be aware of the strategies being used to always keep us in this bad state. Poverty, religion, and ethnicity are being used to keep Nigeria and Nigerians poor and miserable. They intentionally keep the citizens poor so that those that are not strong-willed can do anything for peanuts. They will always want to divide us with religion and ethnicity. We should no longer succumb to these; we should only and always support what is good and shun what is evil.

All the presidential candidates for 2023 election are all great Nigerians that have great plans for the country. While supporting any of them, we should ensure that we respect those we do not support as our choices will always differ. Please, let our choices not be motivated by hatred, and all those things that the politicians use to always divide us. Dear citizens of Nigeria, let us play this politics with our conscience so that at the end of the elections, all that participated will be satisfied for a great outing and with one mind support the winner for peace to rain.

Let us not use age, religion, tribe against any of the candidates; but, let our support and campaign for any of them be based on what we believe the person and his team can do to save this nation.

What we do with our votes this time will determine what happens to our futures as nation!

I love Nigeria, and I have seen the type of President and Vice President I long desired for Nigeria and I am already selling them to my acquaintances without prejudice. You too can start yours without painting others black.


Thank you for your time.

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