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Nigeria Seeks US Partnership to Boost Food Security and Agricultural Productivity

The Nigerian government is seeking collaboration with the United States to address critical challenges in Nigeria’s agricultural sector. During recent diplomatic talks in the US, Nigerian Vice President Kashim Shettima initiated discussions with US Special Envoy Cary Fowler to request American support and expertise to bolster food security and agricultural productivity.

Shettima emphasised the need for mechanisation, quality seeds, fertilisers, and improved farming practices to increase yields in Nigeria. He assured Fowler that the new administration is committed to working with the US and other partners to not only enhance Nigeria’s agriculture but also to improve food security across Africa.

In response, Fowler revealed an ongoing US-led initiative called the “Vision for Adapted Crops and Soil” focused on adapting crops and soil management to climate change in Africa. The programme, a partnership between the US, African Union, and UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, provides long-term funding to improve underfunded indigenous African crops. The US has allocated $100 million to the initiative so far.

Fowler emphasised the need for close collaboration with African nations to ensure the programme is African-led and makes agriculture more sustainable. Shettima agreed on the need to institutionalise such efforts with strong African participation.

With Nigeria seeking US support and the US committed to boosting agriculture in Africa, the two nations have a crucial opportunity to partner to enhance food security, agricultural productivity, and climate change resilience in Nigeria and across the continent.

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