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Natural gas key to Africa’s energy transition and security – NLNG MD

The Managing Director and CEO of Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG), Dr. Philip Mshelbila, said natural gas will play a significant role in Africa’s energy mix as demand rises due to rapid population growth and economic expansion.

Speaking at the 2023 Gastech Exhibition and Conference in Singapore, Dr. Mshelbila discussed Africa’s role in increasing energy supply resilience amid the global energy transition.

He stated that African gas could enhance global energy security by increasing production, ensuring a steady supply despite rising domestic use, and growing floating LNG to facilitate rapid gas delivery to market.

Dr. Mshelbila stressed adopting a multi-dimensional approach to the energy transition, considering Africa’s context and evolving needs. He added that Africa is already capitalizing on transition opportunities by using gas as an evolutionary energy source.

He highlighted that transitioning from polluting sources to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) can reduce emissions by up to 48%.

For example, Nigeria actively promotes CNG usage in transportation to expand gas utilization and progress across industries.

Dr. Mshelbila also noted Africa is maximizing the growing LNG market, increasing production capacity to substantially contribute to global supply.

He added that Africa is emerging as a critical global gas supplier, with production expected to double, solidifying its role in global energy security.

The largest gas markets in Africa remain Algeria and Nigeria, accounting for at least 55% of reserves. However, new markets are emerging across Africa, especially in Mozambique, Senegal, Congo, and Tanzania.

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