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Leaders never gets tired with others, because leaders are strength to others


Wisdom becomes relevant only in its application, don’t store up that knowledge, you are abusing it. As a leader your followers look up to you, they have 70% trust on you and 30% trust on themselves.

When you cannot encourage them to keep going, you have failed them. As a leader you are to let your followers see their inner strength. Show them how to unlock their strength and potential, by consistently encouraging them, so you are not expected to give up where they have given up.

When they fall down and can’t walk along with you to fulfill your vision, you carry them. When they see you are not giving up on them, they will rise up again and follow on, the secret is that they will rise with double of their initial strength.

As a Leader you are to be a role model, so when you say to your followers we can do it, you start the process as their role model, when they see you doing it they also see its possibility.

Leaders don’t stop because they are tired, no! Leaders stop because they have finished.

I believe you learnt something new that you will apply in your life as a leader.

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