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How you can survive in Nigeria

One of our readers asked: How can someone survive in Nigeria?

Read our answer to the question below:

Nigeria is a beautiful country, but her citizens – the leaders and the led have succeeded in making her one of the worst country you can ever think of on earth today.

Yes, I said Nigeria has become one of the worst countries in the world anyone can think of, and you know it’s obvious. Everyone can mention list of things that are not going well in Nigeria without thinking. Every sector is negatively affected.

If you’re unemployed, problems abound; if you’re under-employed, much problems for you and if you’re gainfully employed, there are still problems for you to face. Whether you are rich or poor in Nigeria, there problems waiting for you. If you’re rich, you will be afraid of being kidnapped ; if you’re poor, to eat will be a big challenge for you.

See how you can survive in Nigeria:

1. You have to know God for yourself. There is more to life than what many people know. What happen in the physical realm is being controlled in the spiritual realm. So it’s better to know the Almighty God and be doing His will.

2. You have to get wisdom that comes from the Almighty God. This will make you deal wisely in affairs of life.

3. If you’re unemployed, create a job for yourself as you’ve been wasting your time looking for job that you may not find until you create it for yourself. Start doing something – Wash clothes for people, start cleaning business, just look out for a need and see how you can meet that need. If you’re under-employed, add another stream of income. If you’re gainfully employed, search and add a residual income to your salary.

4. If you’re poor, don’t let the whole world know about your poverty. Just know you can change that state if you’re determined . Have a target to change your present state of poverty and begin immediately to work on becoming the kind of person you want to be. At least someone that can be able to always provide for his or her family. If you’re rich, don’t let the whole know by your life style. Invest more in assets and not in liabilities, look out for great start ups to finance, see how you can train and economically empower the youths around you.

5. Do not be competing with anyone. Go for things you know you can afford and don’t think about what people will say. Always be bold to make a u turn anytime you discovered you are going the wrong way.

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