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How to Live a Happy and Fulfilled Life

A happy and fulfilled life is one that brings you joy, contentment and satisfaction. This is the kind of life where everyone including yourself is always happy with you. I’m not talking about life that is trying to please everyone. In fact the most impossible thing to do is trying to please everyone. This is a life based on high morals and nothing less. This is a life without offense. This is a life you enjoy all you doing as well as all your relationships. It’s not a perfect life, but one that people that come in contact with you will always admire. This kind of life also understands the limitations of man and lives beyond the limitations.

Make a choice to live a happy and fulfilled life: This kind of life starts from your making a choice to that effect. You may not even know such a life exist let alone lead it, except you are aware of it and choose to live that way.

Open your heart to wisdom: It takes wisdom to understand life and how to maximize it. Life is complex and it will only take good thinking and sound judgment to make the right decisions. Permit me to recommend a place for practical wisdom that will never fail you. Kindly read all the chapters in the book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible and start applying the principles therein, and you will discover a better way of living.

Let others know who you are: Live a life that all that comes in contact with you will be able to tell the kind of person you are. If others know your dos and don’ts and what you stand for. It will give you a character that will help you influence them positively without resentment and a pattern of life that you will be proud of.

Decide to be kind and humble: You cannot truly be happy in life when you don’t care about other people. It’s when you make other people around you happy that you can truly be happy. Always be on the lookout to improve someone else life and see what they can become and help them in any way you can to make your dream about them become real.

Humility will also bring happiness and fulfillment in your life. Humble people are loved by all and helped to achieve their dreams. But we have to differentiate humility from timidity for they are not the same. Timidity will make you mediocre will humility will make you great.

Be quick to forgive others and to ask for forgiveness: Forgiving others their wrongs put you in advantageous position. Your mind is cleared from setbacks and you will only concentrate on your purpose in life. When you wrong someone else, be wise enough to ask for forgiveness. Asking for forgiveness will not make you any less, but will make you a great person in the long run. And you will discover how a life of no offence can keep you happy and fulfilled for the rest of your life.


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