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How to Achieve All Your Purpose in Life

Great men and women who ever lived, were people who lived on purpose. They knew what they wanted in life and went for them. It’s the attainment of their purpose in life that made them great in the first place.

The first step towards achieving your purpose is to know your purpose for living. Why were you born? What are you in this life to achieve now you’re here? If you are able to give specific answers to these questions, you’re already through with the first phase of achieving your purpose in life. This is because you are now aware of your mission in life and this awareness will be propelling you towards achieving your purpose. When I say your purpose in life, I’m not talking about the normal life everyone is supposed to live. You purpose in life should not just only be the provision of the basic needs of your family. It should be the rendering of service that will better the lives of people in your sphere of contact, improve the world around you or any other noble course such as these. This is doing something worthwhile that you will be remembered of after your exit here on this earth.

Your purpose in life should not just be mere dreams or wishes. It should be what you totally believe in. People should be able to know what you stand for even if it seems threatening to your life. That’s how big your purpose should be.

Steps on how to achieve all your purpose in life is highlighted below.

Write your purpose down: Your purpose will become clearer to you once it’s written down. Place it where you can see it as well as read it to yourself aloud every day until it enters your sub-conscious mind.

Let people around you know about it: Reveal what you want to achieve in life to people around you, especially those that have the same ideology with you. This will make you go the extra-mile in putting your best in achieving your purpose for living.

Have a plan: Write a feasible plan for achieving your purpose in life. Give yourself targets, and be following your plans on daily basis as well as measuring your actual results with your set targets. And, don’t fail to adjust your plan when necessary.

Be committed: Don’t allow any day pass without doing something that will take you closer to your purpose in life.

Start achieving your purpose: Start achieving the small portions of your purpose, that’s the only way you will make good progress. For instance, if your purpose in life is to take care of the widows globally, you could start from caring for few widows or a widow you know personally. Even if it only helping her clean up her surroundings.

Celebrate your success: Don’t fail to identify when you have made progress along the line and make sure you celebrate it no matter how small. That atmosphere of celebration will spur you for greater achievement.

Don’t allow anything stop you: Don’t allow anything stop you from achieving your purpose in life. Always be creative on how you will go about achieving your purpose even in the midst of all the challenges you will definitely encounter along your way.

If you don’t stop yourself, nothing else will.


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