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How an employee can succeed running his or her business while on another person’s employment

An employee that will succeed in his or her business venture must first of all be a great asset to the organization he or she works for. He or she must be very good in what he or she does for that organization. With this kind of attitude he or she has the highest tendency to succeed in whatever business he or she ventures into.

For an employee to start up a business and run it successfully, the underlisted should be understood and applied by him or her as the case may be.

  1. The employee should know how an employee can start up a business that thrives.
  2. The employee should not unduly use his or her employer’s resources for his or her business. Resources here include time, assets, stationeries, etc. And, if your position in your current employment allows you to use the resources of the company as you like, you should be guided by your conscience to understand the level of abuse in your usage of any of the company’s resources.
  3. The employee should understand the best marketing channels that will make the business succeed.
  4. The employee should keep accurate records of all his or her business transactions.
  5. The employee should ensure he or she is working based on his or her business plan and making appropriate changes when and where necessary.

With these in mind any employee that is determined to succeed in business can run a successful business.



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