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FCMB Launches New Wealth Management and Financial Planning Products

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) has introduced a range of wealth management and financial planning solutions to help Nigerians build and protect their wealth. The new offerings from FCMB cover the full spectrum of wealth creation needs, from savings and investments to retirement planning and estate management.

According to FCMB Managing Director Yemisi Edun, the bank aims to provide tailored products and services to meet the lifestyle needs of customers across all income levels. She said FCMB is committed to staying relevant by continuously enhancing offerings as customer needs evolve.

The new FCMB wealth management lineup includes target and premium savings accounts, investment management, pension plans, and estate planning services like wills and trusts. Value-added features such as financial advisory, education support, travel discounts, and diaspora account management are also available.

FCMB’s premium banking customers can access exclusive products like the FCMB Gro Suite, I-Nest, Education Investment Plan, Platinum Mastercard, and e-Wills. The bank stated that these premium services are designed to meet the specialised needs of high-net-worth clients.

According to FCMB, the new offerings can be easily accessed through digital channels like the FCMB Mobile App. This allows customers to conveniently manage their wealth from anywhere. The bank emphasised its commitment to leveraging technology to create simple, secure solutions.

With the new comprehensive wealth management lineup, FCMB aims to provide 360-degree support to Nigerians in accumulating, growing, protecting, and preserving wealth. The bank hopes to empower people at all income levels to achieve their financial goals.



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