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Excellence in Leadership

A Leader needs training to function. When you do something today tomorrow do it better.


  1. Exposure – Exposure tells you this is not the highest level.

Three things exposure does:

  • Takes you beyond your horizon
  • It challenges you or Provokes you
  • Sometimes Embarrasses You

Excellence will take you from where you are into a world you can never imagine.

What you are to be exposed to should not be negative exposure. Positive exposures inspire you and not kill your destiny, but negative exposure does.

  1. Determination – Don’t just let dreams deceive you, it takes action to bring what you have seen in the dream to this realm.

When you are determined to succeed as an excellent Leader that means you are ready to Change.


  • People refuse it when they hear it.
  • You need to be meek and humble and accept change or you stand and refuse it by giving excuses which later will lead to embarrassment.
  • Why you are angered when you hear things like this is reaction to change. So you are angered at the vessel or your situation.

Note: If you are angered at the situation then change is close but if it’s at the vessel hmmmmmmm.

  • Change means admitting that what you know about life is wrong or not good enough, and that is why it’s hard for people to change.

Your ability to embrace change will always keep you in season. Meekness and Humility will help you change.

  1. Set Goals – You must have a standard and someone who is very close to what you want to become (Role model). Whichever area you want to specialize on, go and research about that area, read books about that area and more. 
  • Rubbish Goal – Avoid setting rubbish goals such as
    who to marry
    Wishes that can never come to pass i.e fantasy
  1. Pay the Price for New Information – Get books and read. The bible said buy the truth, borrow vessels not oil. Knowledge transformed mind is very powerful. Challenge yourself by reading books and listening to tapes of your niche. 
  1. Apply Knowledge – The worst of it is to have knowledge and not apply it. You are like someone who doesn’t have knowledge. 
  1. Discipline – Be disciplined in applying the knowledge you have even if it have not start working. Discipline helps to maintain a lifestyle, prayer life, Exercise, Character. You must let your body know it’s not in control of your destiny. Being consistent whether it is favourable or not you keep doing it i.e discipline. 
  1. Never give up – Champions are those who survived what others could not survive. Those who succeed in life are those who ride against the odd. Tell yourself you will continue just like Job who said all the days of his life he will continue.
  2. Character – ‘Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires Confidence.’ Bernard Montgomery,

What You Need to Know About Character

  • Actions are the real indicator of Character
  • Talent is a gift but character is a choice
  • Character brings lasting success with people
  • Strong character is the foundation on which you build success
  1. Communications – If a leader can’t get a message across clearly to motivate others to act on it then having a message doesn’t even matter. Gilbert Amelio

Simplify your Message – it’s not what you say but how you say it.

Really Care about your audience

Show the truth – Believe what you say and live what you say

Seek a Response

  1. Generosity – No person was ever honored for what he received. Honour has been the reward for what he gave. Calvin Coolidge

Cultivate the Quality of Generosity in Your Life

  • Be grateful for what you have
  • Put people first
  • Don’t allow the desire for possession to control you
  • Regard money as resource
  • Develop the habit of giving

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