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Excellence as a character and not an act

Life of Excellence is a cultured life, living your life with all consciousness knowing that your mistake will mislead someone with a great destiny unto destruction.

Have you seen someone you don’t know and you admire the person’s life? YES!

You need to live your life in mind that you are a role model to people watching you and have a history to write.

The same goes for your life, people are either admiring your life or criticizing it. This is why I said the life of excellence is living with the consciousness that you are a role model.

You need to make excellence your character, it’s the only way you can live up to the standard that can be emulated by people outside there watching you.

What is the life of Excellence in a breakdown?

How you eat // How you walk // How you talk // How you argue // Where you go // Friends you hang out with // Activities you participate in and lots more.


My story will challenge you to stop acting excellence and start living excellence. I once acted the life of excellence and I built an online presence with it. 

One day I needed to use an event hall rented at 50,000 Nigerian currency. At that period I don’t have the money, so I decided to partner. I was referred to a man in charge of a fellowship that uses the hall.

When I contacted the man, I fixed a meeting with him at the restaurant. I was so busy the day of the meeting that I almost forgot my appointment. 

As I rushed out I remembered that my cloth was not excellent for that meeting. Due to my life of excellence was an act I decided to go that way, thinking that the man doesn’t know me.

When I got there, it was difficult to find him. So I called him to identify him in the crowd. I was right before him, but he never knew I was the one. Seeing the way my call synchronized with his, I asked him who he was looking for, he said my name.

I told him I was the one and he said “I saw you earlier but never knew you were the one”. Judging from his dressing he wasn’t expecting me to appear that way. 

This man dressed in his well-perfumed suit and a nice shoe, while I was in my casual wear, I had to apologize and give excuses.

I learned excellence the hard way because I have embarrassed myself. Excellence should be your Character and not an Act you put up in the public or for some time.

Thank You

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