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Enugu State Workers to Receive N10,000-N25,000 Cash Awards Until April 2024

The governor of Enugu State, Peter Mbah, has announced exciting cash awards for state workers ranging from N10,000 to N25,000 until April 2024. This initiative aims to provide palliatives to the workforce amidst the removal of fuel subsidies.

In a joint media briefing on Wednesday with labour leaders at the Government House in Enugu, Governor Mbah reiterated his administration’s priority: the welfare of workers. He emphasised that his goals for the state cannot be achieved without a happy workforce.

The cash awards will be paid flatly to all categories of workers, including local government, primary and secondary school teachers, and civil servants, starting in December. Mbah hopes minimum wage negotiations concluded by April will lead to a new minimum wage implementation in the state.

Apart from cash awards, Mbah’s administration is making other social interventions to improve workers’ lives. The state has set aside N1.5 billion for social development programmes like water and sanitation projects in communities. It is also constructing 260 model primary healthcare centres and smart schools with teachers’ quarters.

The governor aims to lift more indigent citizens through an expanded social register, now accommodating 260,000 people, up from 43,000. This will enable broader cash transfers and engagement.

Mbah reiterated his administration’s determination to achieve a zero per cent poverty headcount by 2031. The cash awards and other social interventions reflect the government’s commitment to uplifting Enugu workers and vulnerable groups.

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