Governor Obaseki highlighted the need for strategic fiscal policies that incentivize local production and facilitate access to credit for manufacturers. This, he argued, would bolster exports of Nigerian-made goods and strengthen the national economy.

Recognizing the critical role of MAN, Obaseki underscored the association’s potential to redirect the country towards a more manufacturing-driven economy. He emphasized the need to move away from dependence on imported goods and transition towards self-sufficiency.

The Governor accentuated Edo State’s strategic advantage in fostering production. Leveraging its abundant raw materials, Edo aims to drive economic development through a robust manufacturing sector.

Obaseki pointed out Nigeria’s historical reliance on imports, stating, “For the past four decades, we’ve been dependent on goods and services we don’t produce. The current foreign exchange situation necessitates a shift towards consuming what we manufacture domestically.”

He stressed the importance of a collaborative environment for MAN to flourish. Obaseki advocated for a policy shift that fosters private sector growth, dismantling the notion that successful entrepreneurs pose a threat to the government.

The Governor outlined Edo State’s initiatives to stimulate production. These include robust environmental policies promoting sustainable forestry practices and encouraging investments in timber plantations. Additionally, he highlighted the state’s leadership in oil palm development, citing the Edo State Oil Palm Program (ESOPP) that has allocated significant land resources to investors for large-scale cultivation.

Furthermore, Governor Obaseki emphasized Edo’s commitment to education, describing a focus on foundational skills to ensure a future generation equipped to support a thriving manufacturing sector.

MAN President Meshioye commended Governor Obaseki’s leadership in fostering a business-friendly environment within Edo State. He acknowledged the state’s potential as a hub for industrial activity and emphasized the importance of collaboration between government and the private sector to revitalize Edo’s manufacturing sector.

Meshioye applauded Edo’s Alaghodaro initiative, an annual event credited with attracting significant private sector investment in manufacturing projects such as the Duport Refinery, Green Hill Ethanol Plant, Ossiomo Power, and the Edo Production Hub.