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Dangote Group Aims to Create Jobs and Tackle Youth Unemployment in Nigeria

The Dangote Group, owned by billionaire Aliko Dangote, plans to help reduce high unemployment rates among Nigerian youth through job creation, according to Executive Director Hajia Fatima Aliko-Dangote.

Speaking at the recent Lagos International Trade Fair during “Dangote Day,” Aliko-Dangote said job creation has been a key priority for the Dangote Group and its founder, Aliko Dangote, from the beginning, as part of their mission to alleviate poverty in Nigeria.

With operations across cement, sugar, salt, and other industries, the Dangote Group is the largest private sector employer in Nigeria outside of the government. Aliko-Dangote noted that the group hopes to leverage this position to open up more employment opportunities, specifically targeting the country’s young, unemployed population.

“Providing jobs for Nigerian youth is crucial for enabling them to contribute to the nation’s growth and development. It can also help curb security challenges stemming from a lack of economic opportunities,” Aliko-Dangote commented.

The Dangote Group’s efforts to create youth employment align with its long-running initiatives to bolster development in Nigeria. Experts say gainful employment can empower Nigerian youth, reducing poverty and unrest.

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