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Cybercrime Threatens African Union’s 2063 Goals, Stakeholders Warn

Cybercrime poses a serious threat to the African Union’s Agenda 2063 according to parliamentarians and stakeholders at the recent African Internet Governance Forum in Abuja.

In a statement released Thursday, attendees warned that cybercrime could derail the AU’s plans for transforming Africa into a global powerhouse by 2063. They called for greater cooperation and investment by African nations to combat cybercrime.

“Cybercrime remains a potential threat to the implementation of AU 2063 agenda and AU’s digital transformation strategy,” the statement read. “African Union and African Governments must ensure adequate investment to fight cybercrime activities, ensure international cooperation, and build capacity for lawmakers, enforcement, the Judiciary and other necessary actors.”

The AU’s Agenda 2063 blueprint focuses on sustainable, inclusive development across the continent. But cybercrime threatens to undermine these goals.

The stakeholders’ statement urged “African states to enforce cyber laws, incorporate a people-centric approach, and ensure proper checks and balances.”

Speaking at the forum, Nigeria’s Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy Bosun Tijani, said Africa must develop shared internet norms, rules and decision-making procedures. This would shape the internet’s evolution and empower Africans, he said.

Ghanaian parliament member Samuel George argued national governments should prioritize power infrastructure. This would help bridge digital divides in underserved areas.

Meanwhile, Nigerian Senator Shuiab Salisu pledged legislative support for emerging technologies. The aim is to harness their potential while protecting Nigeria.

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