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Common Sense Education

Common sense education is that type of education one acquires from his or her experience as well as experience of others and the general happenings in that person’s environment that will make him or her deal wisely in the affairs of life. This type of education requires your common sense and will power. It is practical education and when you have acquired it, you will be able to discover what is good for you and discipline yourself to doing it for your benefit.

For instance, in the business world, someone with common sense education will know how to handle borrowed funds, relate to customers, etc. And, if someone does not have a job; and he or she has common sense education, he or she will look around his or her environment to discover a problem to solve in other to create a job. The job may just be doing laundry for neighbours or tutorials for people around, or anything that can meet a need in his or her environment.

I have always recommended this kind of education to anyone that has a relationship with me – be it business or personal. If you are reading this article, I also recommend common sense education to you. First of all, the first requirement for enrolling into this type education is ‘awareness’. You have to be aware that you are learning as you are living your life on daily basis. This will make you to be observant, to always engage you thinking faculty as well as ensure you don’t always fail your exams.

In this school, you are everything; the school owner, the teacher and the student. The curriculum here is everything that is good, noble, great, right, etc, so that you would be able to do the right things for yourself and become a better person. Thus, it’s a continuous kind of education that none can graduate from. Those that have enrolled in this kind of education keep on learning and getting better. They learn from their mistakes as well as the mistakes of others.

This type of education is better than having a Master’s degree in any course without it.  Anyone that has this type of education, even without a formal education will definitely become successful in life. All the successful entrepreneurs that are doing legal businesses are students of common sense education.

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