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Cloud technology is key to government digital transformation.

The Nigerian government needs cloud computing to enable digital transformation initiatives, experts say. Cloud solutions will be crucial as dependence on digital services grows.

This view emerged at a telecom sector event held by Airtel Nigeria, Amazon Web Services, and Avaya. The interactive session explored emerging tech for driving business growth and innovation.

Stanley Anetoh, AWS Senior Solutions Architect, said: “We’re pleased to collaborate with Airtel as citizens expect more responsive, digital government interactions. The cloud is pivotal for enabling key government initiatives.”

Luc Serviant, Airtel Business Director, added: “At Airtel, we’re excited to discuss connectivity, innovation, digital pillars, cloud security, and network services for effective public sector operations. Beyond connectivity, we offer solutions like core networks, data centres, cloud security, and partner applications to meet evolving public and private sector needs.”


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