The winning entrepreneurs, all between the ages of 18 and 35, impressed a panel of five judges with their innovative and sustainable business ideas. The competition saw participation from 60 initial applicants, which was narrowed down to 16 finalists before selecting the ultimate eight winners.

The awarded entrepreneurs were recognized across four categories: Most Innovative Business Idea, Most Socially Friendly Business Idea, Most Profitable Business Idea, and Most Environmentally Friendly Business Idea. The winners included Blue Sands Stem Labs (Alero Thompson), Mee Best Foods (Zenani Gbadume), Hems to Fit (Oluwatosin Rotimi), Ecodey Management Resources (Mansueah Shobulo), Eco Feet, Suss Flow (Olabisi Emmanuel), Cattle Technology (Emmanuel Nnamdi), and Buy Scrap Nigeria.

Lucy Pearson, Country Director for the British Council, emphasized the organization’s unwavering commitment to supporting young Nigerians. “The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Challenge Programme exemplifies this dedication,” she stated. “We aim to continue fostering opportunities for young people to develop their talents and contribute to the economic future of Nigeria through our work in Arts, Culture, Education, Society, and the English Language.”

Pearson further highlighted the significance of building skills through local initiatives. “Empowering young people by leveraging local talent, innovation, and solutions is a key driver of economic development in Nigeria,” she remarked. The British Council also commended Prince’s Trust International for their collaborative efforts in designing and implementing the program.

Ade Olowojoba, representing Nerdz Factory, applauded the British Council for sponsoring the program and empowering aspiring young entrepreneurs. This initiative serves as a prime example of how international collaboration can cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship and promote sustainable business practices among Nigerian youth.