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Big Businesses in Anambra: Multinationals, Local Conglomerates, and SMEs Propelling Economic Activity

Anambra State is one of the most economically vital and business-oriented states in Nigeria. Strategically located in the southeast, the state provides access to markets across the country and beyond. Over the years, Anambra has attracted and birthed large multinational and local corporations as well as dynamic small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are driving economic growth and development.

This in-depth article analyses the diverse mix of major private sector players powering Anambra’s rise across manufacturing, services, agriculture, and other sectors. It provides key insights into how large businesses stimulate enterprise, generate employment, and propel the state to greater prosperity.

Multinational Corporations Stimulating Enterprise

Several prominent multinationals in industries like brewing, cement, and oil and gas operate substantial facilities and investments in Anambra. They provide an influx of capital, technology, and skills while catalysing linkages with domestic firms.

Major multinational companies include:

Nigerian Breweries Plc

The leading brewer has a massive state-of-the-art brewery in Ama, Anambra East LGA, which produces major brands like Star Lager. The company’s direct investments in the plant provide jobs to thousands of residents.

Nestle Nigeria Plc

Nestle operates a factory in Agulu, Anambra, engaged in the production of seasoning, bouillon cubes, and beverages. The company sources agricultural raw materials locally.

INNOSON Vehicle Manufacturing

The indigenous automaker operates a major assembly plant at Nnewi, producing a range of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, and buses, that generate jobs and facilitate the transportation of goods and people.

Chicason Group

The Nigerian conglomerate has vast mining and mineral processing operations in Anambra focused on limestone and other industrial minerals. It supplies cement manufacturers in the state.

Coscharis Group

The diversified family-owned conglomerate represents leading global automotive brands, including Ford, Land Rover, and Jaguar, through dealerships in Anambra.

Cutix Plc

The leading cable manufacturer has its headquarters and main production facilities in Nnewi, Anambra. Its cables meet over 75% of Nigeria’s domestic market demand.

Juhel Nigeria Limited

The agribusiness company has its headquarters in Anambra and a major presence in rice milling. It provides thousands of direct and indirect jobs.

Erisco Foods Limited

The food processing company operates a large facility in Anambra for producing tomato paste, fruit juices, and other food items, mostly for domestic consumption.

Agro-Allied Businesses Driving Growth

Anambra is endowed with fertile lands that enable agribusinesses to thrive. Many large food processing companies leverage raw materials from the state to produce food products, beverages, poultry, and more. This catalyses value addition.

Major companies include:

Obilor Farms Limited

Based in Igbariam, the poultry producer has the capacity to process 100,000 broilers per month. The integrated farm contributes to national food security.

Lynden Farms Limited

One of the largest poultry breeding farms in West Africa has the capacity to hatch two million day-old chicks per month. Lynden has operations in Anambra.

T.A.G. Anambra Limited

The agro-company engages in integrated rice production, milling, and packaging, with two mills having 50 metric tonnes of daily capacity.

Umudim Rice Limited

A large-scale rice producer with integrated mills and production facilities in Anambra provides employment to youth.

Grand Cereals Limited

The food producer manufactures cereal brands like Golden Penny from facilities in Anambra, among other locations.

SMEs Forming Industrial Clusters

Anambra is recognised for its entrepreneurial culture, evident in clustered cottage industries and innovative SMEs across sectors like metal fabrication, tailoring, plastics production, furniture making, and agro-processing. These generate grassroots jobs.

Major SME clusters and markets include:

Nnewi Autoparts and Machine Tools Market

Nnewi is a major hub for auto parts manufacturing, machine tools, and engineering services supplied nationwide. The cluster contains hundreds of SMEs producing motor and industrial parts.

Onitsha Main Market

One of the largest markets in West Africa has a network of traders and merchants selling a diverse array of consumer goods and local produce. A major distribution centre.

Nkwo Nnewi Market

Also located in Nnewi, the market is one of the biggest in the southeast, dealing in manufactured and imported goods, including motor parts and accessories.

Ogbunike Caves and Handicrafts Centre

A centre focused on promoting local arts and crafts while providing a sales outlet for indigenous products by SMEs and artisans.

Nkwelle Ezunaka Medicine Market

Specialising in traditional herbal medicine, the market has numerous traders and small businesses selling raw medicinal produce sourced locally.

Electrical and Electronics Cluster, Ogidi

There are numerous SMEs engaged in manufacturing and repairing electrical parts and gadgets, consumer electronics, electric motors, and home appliances.

Awka Furniture Cluster

Concentration of skilled indigenous furniture makers crafting and marketing locally-made furniture and providing carpentry jobs.

Agricultural Trading Clusters

Markets like Eke Awka facilitate trade in food and cash crops between rural farmers and urban traders and distributors flowing to other regions.

Synergies between Large and Small Enterprises

While SMEs form a dynamic grassroots enterprise base, larger companies provide crucial linkages, technical know-how, and access to markets needed for sustained growth. This symbiotic relationship needs to be actively encouraged through government policies that connect small suppliers to corporate producers and distributors.

Other major ways that big businesses in Anambra empower SMEs include:

  • Contracting SMEs for manufacturing inputs, distribution, and other services creates income opportunities.
  • Multinationals and large firms provide mentorship to SMEs on technical skills and management best practices.
  • Corporations source capital equipment, packaging materials, and more from SME producers.
  • Partnerships enable SME food producers to access processing technology and cold storage infrastructure.
  • Corporations directly purchase produce from farming SME clusters for their supply chains.

With robust policies strengthening inter-linkages, the extensive presence of big business in Anambra can catalyse broad-based economic development rather than isolated growth.

Strategic initiatives to spur enterprise

For Anambra to maximise the potential of its business sector, strategic initiatives are required in areas like infrastructure, skills development, technology access, and SME financing.

Key interventions include:

  • Developing modern integrated industrial parks and economic zones to house manufacturing
  • Improving road connectivity and power supply across the state to enable industry
  • Establishing dedicated skills academies aligned to industrial needs and training youth
  • Easing SME access to low-interest loans and credit to fund expansion
  • Strongly enforcing intellectual property protections and quality standards.
  • Promoting widespread broadband and mobile internet penetration
  • Incentivizing technology adoption by industrial enterprises
  • Streamlining bureaucracies and requirements for starting or operating a business


Anambra State possesses unique advantages that enable it to emerge as an industrial and enterprise hub in Nigeria. From agribusinesses leveraging their agricultural potential to industrial production driven by resource deposits, the state economy epitomises the Nigerian entrepreneurial spirit. With visionary support from the state government, strategic collaboration between large corporations and dynamic SMEs can accelerate socio-economic transformation.

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