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AXA Mansard Invests in Women-Owned SMEs Through Digital Skills Training

AXA Mansard, a leading Nigerian insurance and asset management company affiliated with AXA, empowered 200 female entrepreneurs leading Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with financial literacy and digital business skills.

The two-day training program, held in collaboration with SME 100 Africa, is part of AXA Mansard’s commitment to promoting gender equality and economic inclusion. It aligns with the company’s sustainability agenda, which prioritizes supporting women-led businesses.

“This initiative equips female SME owners with the tools they need to thrive in today’s digital marketplace,” said Olusesan Ogunyooye, Head of Marketing at AXA Mansard. “By enhancing their financial literacy and digital skills, we empower them to improve business performance and tap into new growth opportunities.”

Ogunyooye emphasized the critical role SMEs play in driving Nigeria’s economic development, particularly with a significant number of adults being business owners. He highlighted the importance of ensuring women have the necessary skills to participate fully in this growth.

The training program focused on developing essential digital capabilities to navigate the evolving business landscape. Recognizing the increasing online presence of customers, AXA Mansard aims to equip these female entrepreneurs with the knowledge to attract and retain customers effectively.

“Equipping SMEs with financial literacy and digital skills empowers them to find and connect with their target audience,” Ogunyooye explained. “We believe this targeted approach will significantly contribute to the success of these women-led businesses.”

AXA Mansard’s investment in female entrepreneurs underscores the company’s dedication to fostering a more inclusive and prosperous future for Nigeria.

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