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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other skills of the future African entrepreneurs’ should explore as recommended by Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa is the founder and Executive Chairman of the Econet Group. He serves on several international boards including Unilever, and the Global Advisory boards of the Council on Foreign Relations and Stanford University. A board member of the Rockefeller Foundation for 15 years, he also serves as Chairman of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). He is a co-founder of the Carbon War Room, Pathways for Prosperity, and the Global Business Coalition on Education. He and his wife, Tsitsi, co-founded the Higherlife Foundation and are signators of the Giving Pledge.

He is a mentor to many entrepreneurs around the world and I’m proud to be one of them.  I recommend him to any one that wants to be successful in business. You can like his page on Facebook –

Below are some thoughts on the skills of the future he had been sharing with us on his Facebook page.

  1. The seven most important skills you need to learn now for the future.
    “A few years ago I wrote a Facebook Post on what I called the seven most important skills you need to learn now for the future. Do you remember? Here is my original list: 1) prepare a financial ledger; 2) HTML and basic coding; 3) backing up to the cloud; 4) writing a business plan; 5) setting up a website and domain; 6) selling online; and 7) learning a basic craft skill, such as in agriculture or plumbing.As I said back then, these seven skills will either turn you into the next Jack Ma, or they will help you get a better job, or earn you more money at whatever you do. This is what you should be learning, and teaching, if you want to build Africa’s prosperity.”
  2. Start getting to understand everything you can about Artificial Intelligence (AI).
    “I want you to start getting to understand everything you can about AI. It will create an opening for you, but it will not just happen because you have a nice face! You cannot win in a game you don’t even know exists, let alone its rules! ”“Don’t listen to all this nonsense about AI taking people’s jobs! Hundreds of millions of new types of jobs will be created, just like with every other technology before. AI is the biggest technology we have ever had; it’s bigger than all those other technologies put together.”

    “AI will evolve just like mobile phones technology! My mobile phone in 1998 was one of the coolest most advanced in the world, but if I use it today, you will laugh at me. AI systems [and their enablement to different businesses] are today like mobile phones of 21 years ago.

    They will evolve very quickly, and become incredibly smart, and incredibly pervasive. Just like I could not tell 21 years ago that we would have “Smartphones” with more computing power than a computer of 21 years ago; I cannot tell you what AI will do [no one can]: We just know that it is here and it is going to be HUGE!”

  3. We need to re-skill.
    “Whoever we are, chances are we need to re-skill as I’ve written before, because technology is moving fast. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway, all over the world…”“What skills do I need?” you might ask. Good question. We started the series talking about coding and some other critical thinking skills. Coding is rather like learning the alphabet and how to spell in different languages, or creating a recipe that tells a computer what to do. Now many of you are ready to go to the next level.

    A few questions to get you started on this new skill of the future:

    # What is “machine learning”?

    # What is “deep learning”?

    # What is the difference between “deep learning” and “machine learning”?

    # Why is access to high quality data so important in machine learning and deep learning?

    # Why is the field of “data science” so exciting?

    “This AI is deep stuff. You have to know about it. Just get yourself started to learn more about it now, if you haven’t already, including taking online courses.

    It’s one of those revolutionary changes in the world that require a mindset change, not just as an entrepreneur, but as a parent and policymaker, too. Let us not waste time debating “if or when,” let’s get to how and now! ”

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