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APM Terminals Apapa Implements a Recycling Programme for Used Lubricants and Personal Protective Equipment

In line with its commitment to environmental sustainability, APM Terminals Apapa, Nigeria’s largest container terminal, has announced the commencement of a recycling programme for used lubricants and discarded personal protective equipment (PPE).

This initiative, launched in collaboration with Kevron Consulting, reinforces APM Terminals Apapa’s ongoing efforts to minimise waste generation and promote responsible waste management practices. The company has a proven track record in this area, having successfully eliminated over 408,800 plastic bottles annually through a single-use plastic ban implemented in 2021.

“We understand the environmental impact of improper lubricant disposal,” said Felix Ugwuagbo, Health and Safety Manager, APM Terminals Apapa. “Through this partnership with Kevron Consulting, our used lubricants are now safely collected, treated, and recycled whenever possible. In some cases, they are disposed of responsibly to ensure they do not harm the environment.”

The programme extends to discarded PPE, such as used boilersuits and reflective jackets. Employees are encouraged to return these items in exchange for new ones. The collected PPE is then sent to a partner organization for cleaning, treatment, and repurposing into cleaning rags used within the terminal.

“This initiative aligns perfectly with the AP-Moller Maersk Group’s ESG strategy, which targets net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040,” said Steen Knudsen, Terminal Manager, APM Terminals Apapa. “Reducing our environmental footprint across all waste streams is crucial to achieving this goal. We are committed to continuous improvement and will continue to identify opportunities to promote sustainable practices throughout our operations. Collaborating with specialists like Kevron Consulting strengthens our efforts and ensures a collective impact on minimising our environmental footprint.”


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